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Welcome to Puppysupplyonline.com!

By entering this site, you are accepting all the terms and conditions laid out below. If you don’t abide by them, please don’t enter the site. Make sure that you read the terms carefully:

1. Privacy: By using this site, you’re consenting to Puppysupplyonline.com’s privacy and security policy.

2. Electronic Communications: When visiting our website or sending us e-mails, you’re communicating electronically with us. You consent to receive electronic communication from us as well. Any notices, agreements, or disclosures provided through an electronic medium should satisfy your legal requirements for communications to be in writing.

3. Service Mark Notice: Puppysupplyonline.com is a service mark of Puppysupplyonline.com that’s protected by law and can only be used publicly after getting permission from Puppysupplyonline.com.

4. Copyright: This site contains videos, graphs, sounds, music, graphics, videos, photographs, data, and information that’s protected by trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and various other proprietary rights—all these rights are protected and valid in all forms. Puppysupplyonline.com, along with its parent company, has a copyright in the enhancement, coordination, arrangement, and selection of content. You are not allowed to transmit, publish, add to, delete, augment, remove, modify, participate in the sale or transfer of, or exploit the content in any way. You may be allowed to make copies of certain parts of the content for your own use while maintaining copyright notices, trademark legends, and more.

Nothing on this site must be construed as granting by any implication a right to use the site or any information displayed on it through framing unless it’s been expressly permitted or you have been granted written permission.

5. Usage by people under 18: While we cannot prohibit minors from visiting the website, we rely on their guardians and parents to supervise them and decide whether or not the materials displayed are appropriate for them. Any purchases made by people over the age of 18 or minors who have gotten permission from their guardians will have to provide us with certain information according to our privacy policy.

6. Links to other materials and sites: You might come across links on the website that link to other sites—these are only provided to our site visitors as a courtesy. Puppysupplyonline.com doesn’t control the linked materials or sites, as well as any goods, services, or information that they contain. If you access any of these sites, you’re doing so at your own risk. Puppysupplyonline.com has the right to terminate any link whenever it wants.

7. Site license and access: Puppysupplyonline.com provides you with a limited license to make personal use of the site and not modify any portion of it without written consent. The site may not be resold, sold, copied, duplicated, or reproduced for commercial purposes.

8. Your account: You have the responsibility of maintaining your account and password’s confidentiality after using this site. Any activities that occur through your account and password will be held under your responsibility. Puppysupplyonline.com and all its affiliates have the right to refuse service, remove or edit content, terminate accounts, or cancel orders.

9. Prohibited actions: You are not allowed to interrupt the operation of the site in any way. Modification or unauthorized use of the information on the site might result in civil or criminal prosecution.

10. Comments, communications, reviews, and other content: As a visitor, you’re allowed to post reviews, comments, and submit ideas, questions, and suggestions, as long as the content isn’t defamatory, threatening, obscene, illegal, or injurious to third parties in any way. You are not allowed to use spoofed e-mail addresses or impersonate any person or entity in any way.

11. Risk of loss: Once Puppysupplyonline.com has delivered the items to the shipment carrier, the risk of loss passes onto you.

12. Description of products: We aim to be accurate when providing product descriptions; however, there is no warranty that it will be free from errors.

13. Pricing: The list price on Puppysupplyonline.com for products represents the retail price as suggested by the supplier or manufacturer; however, it might not represent the prevailing price in different areas on different days. Some items in the catalog might also be mispriced. If so, we will contact you or charge you the lower amount at our discretion.

14. Bounce check fees: In case of a check ‘bouncing’, there will be a $25 check fee, and the customer’s address, name, telephone, and other identifying information might get listed on an international credit card fraud database.

15. Our address:
8210 Macedonia Commons Blvd.
Suite 68 #2040
Macedonia, OH 44056

16. DISCLAIMER: We have no affiliation with the manufacturers of the products that we sell.

Revised and effective as of April 20, 2023