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Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security

Here is everything you need to know about the kind of information that we collect on our website, Puppysupplyonline.com, how it’s used, and why we collect it. This privacy and security policy will also address many other matters such as our data security practices and different options that are available for access. This policy is governed by Puppy Supply Online’s terms and conditions—we might make changes to this policy over time, so make sure that you keep reviewing it periodically to remain informed regarding any changes.

Regarding children

Puppy Supply Online is not intended to be used by children or people who are under the legal age of 18. We don’t sell products that are meant to be purchased by children. When you register with our website and buy our products, you’re representing that you are 18 years of age or older and that all the information that you provide to us regarding any third party is for someone who is also 18 years of age or older.

The kind of information that we collect

If Puppy Supply Online collects your personal information, you might be able to access it later for modifications or complete removal from our system. You can also choose not to provide us with your personal contact information at the collection point, but if you do so, we won’t be able to complete your purchase. All this information may also be disclosed to any third parties and staff members who are involved in the completion and delivery of your order, as well as support for your use of the website.

Name, phone number, and address

When you make use of our website, we might ask you for your first and last name, the name of your town or city, your street address, and your telephone number.

This information is only used to complete, analyze, and support any purchases that you make Puppysupplyonline.com, and for internal purposes in compliance with the requirements of the law.

Purchase information

We might collect information that’s generated by your purchase of a product, such as your payment method. We will use that information to complete your order and support your use of the website.

Click stream and navigation data

We might gather data about the kinds of pages that you’re visiting on our website, and how long you use our features. This information is not going to have a personal link to you, and will not reveal your identity to anyone. It’s simply used to support your purchases and to determine commissions for our affiliates.

We might also use advertising companies to show ads on our behalf. They might use action tags and cookies to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements, but any information that they collect is anonymous.

Certain exception disclosures

If any of the information that you have provided is related to threatened or actual harmful conduct, we might have to disclose your information in order to keep our legal rights protected. This includes having to exchange information with organizations and companies related to credit risk protection and fraud protection. If Puppysupplyonline.com ever merges with another company or files for bankruptcy, we might have to sell your information on the website to third parties.

We use cookies

Cookies record your preferences and can keep a track of the things that you put in your shopping cart so that you can remember them when you return to our store. They won’t harm your computer and don’t contain any private or personal information.

Data protection

All the information that we collect is stores in an encrypted form. We make sure to follow reasonable management and technical processes to protect the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the data that’s stored in our system. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for data encryption.

Your consent

By using this website, you agree to this privacy and security policy. We might change our policy by posting newer versions over time—make sure that you review it regularly.

Legal disclaimer

This privacy and security policy is governed by Tennessee law—any legal actions need to be commenced in Ohio within a year of the arisal of a claim.
If you have any privacy questions about our website, please email us using the Contact Us form.

If you have a privacy question If you have a privacy question about the Puppysupplyonline.com web site, please email us using the contact us form.